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Custer City is an excellent base for Families  visiting the Black Hills because of its easy access to world-class attractions.  Our  family expedition includes Crazy Horse Memorial, the world's largest mountain carving in progress and a tour of one of the longest cave systems in the world, Wind Cave National Park, plus you'll drive the pig tail bridges and tunnels of Iron Mountain Road with views of the famous faces of Mt Rushmore. Your kids will love Flintstones Bedrock City and an evening of magic at the family-friendly Grand Magic Show. Custer’s unique shops, dining and art galleries are a bonus

Package starts at $495 for a family of four and includes 3 nights lodging in Custer, entrance to Mt Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, National Museum of Woodcarving, Flintstone Bedrock City, The Grand Magic Show and Wind Cave.  Add the Buglin' Bull for a western dining experience.

NOTE:   A parking pass is required to visit Mount Rushmore and is reusable anytime during the year (this is not a National Park Fee).

Activities are booked separately as you build your package. Changes to the package (more nights, upgraded room, more activities, extra person or older children) will automatically adjust the price. If an activity from the package is not listed during your booking process, it may not be available for the dates you have chosen or has closed for the season.

Valid 5/25/14- 9/1/2014

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