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Discover the uniquely American folk art icon at the world’s only Corn Palace, located in Mitchell, South Dakota.  It's a-maize-ing Ear-chitecture, looks like it was drawn from a storybook and it’s free. Our family fun package starts at the Corn Palace and includes the Dakota Discovery Museum where you’ll see how homesteaders lived on the prairie, and the Prehistoric Indian Village, a must for history buffs and designated a National Historic Landmark. The Indian Village is a work site for archeologists who have reconstructed an earth lodge built on this site a thousand years ago. Hands on activities for the kids include digging for arrowheads. 

Package starts at $110 for a family of four and includes one nights lodging in Mitchell and entrance to the Dakota Discovery Museum and the Prehistoric Indian Village. 

January 01, 2014 - December 31, 2014

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