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Named one of the top biking trails in the country, the Mickelson Trail hugs steep
granite walls, slips through tunnels and crosses over 100 historic trestles along the 110 mile route
from Edgemont to Deadwood.

On one day, you'll bike from the Central Hills to Deadwood and on the second day you'll bike to Edgemont.  This biking adventure includes three nights lodging in either Deadwood, Custer or Hill City and two shuttles.  Make a two day adventure on the Deadwood portion and add $106 for an additional shuttle. 

Activities are booked separately as you build  your package. Changes to the package (more nights, upgraded room, more activities, extra person or older children) will automatically adjust the price.  If an activity from the package is not listed during your booking process, it may not be available for the dates you have chosen or has closed for the season.

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